Transform workplace habits. No more stress and overworking.

Stroofy provides timely focus and wellness insights, allowing you to address staff burnout proactively.

How Stroofy works

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Create account & download software

First, you set up your company's Stroofy account. Then you download your custom software package to distribute to all workstations.

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Invite your employees

Once the software is on your target workstations, invite each of your employees to download our mobile coaching application.

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Get real time insights

Get started. Once our software is active, we provide you and your staff with real time insights on focus, productivity and engagement.

What you get with Stroofy

Boost Focus

Employee coaching

Boost Focus, Productivity and Engagement

Stroofy helps you understand your behaviour patterns and provides personalised coaching to help improve digital wellbeing and performance in the workplace.

Employee coaching

Ditch distraction, create time and attention

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Focus and Task Switching

Stroofy understands when you're at your best. We provide insight into your focus rate so you can improve every hour, every day and every week. We empower you to do better, and be better.

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Personality Driven Insights

We help you understand what drives you in the workplace, what influences your workstyle or triggers your stress, and most importantly, how you can maximise your day.

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Personalised Performance

Our array of tools helps improve wellness, work-life balance and engagement.

Company & Team Level Reporting

Discover essential business insights in seconds

Stroofy's dashboard lets you understand how your team is working in real time. Understand capacity and wellness issues before they arise.

Whether your team is remote or in one office, you'll have the tool to drive impact and measure improvement without compromising individual privacy.

Identify and recognize which applications are core to your teams productivity and transformation strategy. See exactly how your business is performing both when, and where.

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powerful tools

Get more done with less

Get powerful tools to drive digital transformation and engagement at your firm

Stroofy measures something that has never been measured before, focus. We help firms understand when their teams are at their best, improve their habits and optimise their day.

  • When is their peak level of productivity and performance
  • Understand the capacity and workload of each team to support better management
  • What applications are the most powerful for boosting team output
  • Compare and contrast team performance in real time
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