Transform workplace habits. No more stress and overworking.

Stroofy provides timely focus and wellness insights, allowing you to address staff burnout proactively.

How Stroofy works

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Create account

First, you set up your company’s Stroofy account. A single account is all your team needs to get started.

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Deploy to your platform of choice

A simple authentication allows the app to work where your team works, whether it’s Slack or Office 365.

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Get going!

Once deployed, Stroofy polls your team members on their focus, mood and wellbeing and provides you with anonymised insight on a weekly and monthly cycle.

What you get with Stroofy

Boost Focus

Employee coaching

Boost Focus, Productivity and Engagement

Stroofy helps you understand your behaviour patterns and provides personalised coaching to help improve digital wellbeing and performance in the workplace.

Personalised Employee Coaching

Ditch distraction, create time and attention

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Stroofy supports your focus. We poll your focus rate and nudge you to improve week on week. We empower you to do better and be better.

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We give you practical tips on how to manage your stress and address its root causes over time.

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We coach you on your mental. Our academically-backed and curated content helps you stay positive and foster healthy working habits.

Company & Team Level Reporting

From insight to action

Stroofy’s dashboard allows HR and team leaders to gauge employee engagement and wellbeing development without compromising privacy.

We give managers practical advice on how to improve team wellbeing. Receive tips and access to learning resources that are curated based on the live performance data of your team.

Stroofy coaches both team members and managers to address their individual challenges. It’s the perfect learning tool for busy information workers.

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