Work smarter. Get more done

We help people achieve more by improving individual focus, team engagement and firm wellness.

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We help individuals and teams perform at their best

We start by understanding your unique way of working and give you the tools and insights to improve. Whether you are part of a team, managing one or running an entire business, we help you focus, reach your goals and feel good while doing so

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Wellness begins with data

Make your data work for you. Gain insight on your day, understand which tasks make you tick and adjust your workflow accordingly. You own your data, we crunch the numbers

Improvement you can see

Outperform yourself or see how others at the office are doing. We give you the option for both as you track your progress over time and experience a sense of accomplishment over a work week well spent

Diversity is the spice of life

Every successful team requires a good mix of good people. Our Enterprise solution helps bring teams together and balance roles and tasks in the optimal way. No rush, no fuss and zero stress

Try Stroofy

Build a culture of focus driven improvement, contact our team and trial it today!

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How it works ?

Focus is good

Ever been so distracted at the office that you can hardly remember what you did all day? We have too. Our solution is designed to help you identify sources of distraction, understand how to overcome them and get more done. Built by professionals for professionals who believe that they can achieve more by paying attention to how they work as individuals and feel better while doing so.

Build culture

Focus is more than the antidote for a strained and stressful office, it’s the perfect foundation for a culture of wellbeing. We believe that smart analytics can bring out the best in people and result in people sharing their positive insight to their colleagues. With our help, data-led transparency isn’t a tacked-on buzzword, it’s a fundamental building block for a stress-free culture of success.

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